Inside my head

Cheridan Smith

Inside my head there’s a hum that never ends.

A cycle of thought replayed with different endings, happier ones.

Ones where I say something else.

Something better.

And you are better.

But I’m not here to make you better.

I’m here to make me better.

To love better.

To let go better.

To hold on better.

To try better, not harder, but better.

Delve deep inside my soul,

there’s a purpose greater than you or me.

If I ignore the external pull

I can see who I was made to be.

Look into my golden round globes,

gaze through, into…

Heart chakra

Love is the ultimate healing force

Do you hear that?

Me neither.

Stop thinking.

Start feeling.

Feel the flow of energy surrounding you every morning when you wake up.

Is there somebody next to you?

Do they add purpose to the infinite air?

Or do they drain the breath out of your lungs and leave you full of pollution?

Feel the flow of energy surrounding you every day at work.

Is there stagnant energy in the air?

Is the smell of dissatisfaction poignant?

Or is there a balance in the work flow?

Are you connecting with the people…

September 18–22, 2020

Join me September 18–22nd in Isla Mujeres, Mexico for my second ever yoga retreat.

People have been scared to commit with everything going on in the world and all the mayhem, but I can promise you that there is no better time to unwind and move than during a time like now. Life is full of unpredictable moments and right now things seem dim, but they could get worse… they could also get better. It’s up to you. All you can control is what you do with your time and how you choose to live your life.

Yoga makes you…

Just believe

Cheridan Smith Photography

Sweep me off my feet,

whisk me out of wasteland.

Free me from my feelings,

float away with me forever.

I see you when I sleep,

dreaming in my dreamland.

A reality only real,

in a world I made wonderland.

But I was never grounded,

I grow against the grain.

Travel makes me timeless,

I’ll fly forever faraway.

I want you to save me.

Save me from my soaring.

But it’s hard to catch someone

who’s constantly unfolding.

By the time you catch the caterpillar

she’s become a butterfly.

I want you to wrap your arms around me.

Hold me…

I’m a goof… Cheridan Smith Photography

Pimple popping pleases me

By: Cheridan Baylee Smith

Pimple popping is my hobby,

I’d do it anywhere, even in a lobby.

Just give me a hot body,

Preferably someone who does karate.

Take two fingers and squeeze,

Try your best not to freeze

As I pick from my knees,

Oh pretty please.

White heads ooze from your pores

as my heart sings and soars.

My favorite place to pick you is outdoors

while I listen to your snores.

Black heads pop in groups of four,

Let’s extract some more.

If you don’t like this you’re a bore,

Look at me when I do you…

Who I am

My heart was holy

Until you took away the praise

and showered me in pain.

Pricked me like a hug from a cactus.

You broke me like bread

and didn’t…

Questioning my sanity

Half ‘n half… Cheridan Smith Photography

“I’m sorry you feel that way” should be replaced with “I’m sorry I made you feel that way.” People go on and on and on about how you control your own feelings and it’s your own responsibility to keep yourself in check. How you can’t allow someone to influence your mood, emotions, or temper. I disagree. If you don’t let someone in how will you ever feel satisfied? Loved? Complete? Vulnerable? Humans are social beings, we thrive on connection, as much as society makes it seem like being alone is some magical thing…. at the end of the day we…

Here we go again

The higher I climb the harder I’ll fall… Cheridan Smith in Taylor Monahan Photography

Am I the only one who looks for quality? Who seeks what is right instead of easy? Who seeks for depth from one person rather than for the surface of thousands?

Instant gratification. I want it now. I don’t care if it’s going to be better in an hour, I want what I can have NOW. What’s patience? I sure lack it and just about everyone I can think of lacks it too… Especially the people who say

“I’m so patient.”

Wait to have sex? No thank you, onto the next. Wait for the food to heat up in the…

My first first date in over a year

Best first date… Cheridan Smith Photography

Two days ago I told my mom I was ready to meet the one. The man I would be spending the rest of my life with. I told her I was ready to meet my future husband and she said that she thought I was ready too… which shocked me because she usually asks me if I am sure, or if I am the person that I am looking for is looking for. But she didn’t seem doubtful this time.

Right after I told her this news I logged onto facebook and saw a post by a man I met…

I know it doesn’t work like that

I am dead… Cheridan Smith Photography

Here’s the thing.

I want to save you.

Like a lost puppy.

But you’re not a puppy.

You’re a person.

I’m a person.

I feel like a leech. Stuck onto you. Sucking on you. Feeding on you.

But you kill me. Stomp on me. Take your dirty shoes and smother me.

I die.

You live on. Killing everything you attract. Asking for it but not wanting anything but attention. Wanting nothing but a story.

Praise. Compliments. You feed off of shallowness. I feed on depth. Every single layer.

I’m a villain, so are you.

No more feeling sorry for choosing…

Cheridan Smith

Wanderer, lover, yogi, memory taker, music fanatic, and writer. Follow my publication: Roarings of a Lioness

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